Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weigh-in Day...making headway towards my goal!

Well, yesterday was weigh-in day, down 2.4 lbs. That means I am 7 lbs away from my 40 lbs by 40 goal, and I have 10 weeks left. An obtainable goal yes, but not the time to slack off. And there's been no slacking yesterday and so far today....that's for sure.

You see, visiting my parents requires a little lot of movement as they both love to walk. Don't get me wrong, I love the extra motivation (and the extra PointsPlus values don't hurt either)! Yesterday afternoon we went to the lake. The water was pretty cold, so no swimming for this girl, but I did take the opportunity to get in a different kind of the water. It was invigorating, a change of pace and boy did my legs feel it this morning. Then this morning we walked to the grocery store and back, now I won't feel guilty when we have some guacamole later today!

Well, I think that's enough time on the computer for now...I'm sitting on the deck and want to enjoy my smoothie, the beautiful weather and the dear company of my parents.

By for now all...


Katie said...

woohoo Vanessa! you go girl! in the home stretch.

Anonymous said...

That is always good, to move and don't forget the movement of the arms when you worked the mill. Hopefully you can get some walking in even if it is only 15min. Mom