Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weigh-in Day and 1-yr Anniversary with Weight Watchers

Hello everyone...lost 2.2 lbs this week, for a total of 30 lbs since last August. Actually, tomorrow marks my 1-yr anniversary as a WW member. My journey began as an online member first, and then 10 weeks ago I joined the meetings. What an accomplishment this is for me.

You see over the past 12 years I have attempted to use the WW plan to lose weight (mind you this is not the plan's fault...just saying). It seems I was on a roller coaster...lose 20 lbs, start feeling good, stop tracking, gain it back (and then some). Repeat!

But now it seems that I have finally broken the cycle! As my best friend's hubby says, "Praise be!"

Looking back over the past year, I remember lots of successes...some huge, some not so huge. But I also remember the struggles. And I also remember my family and friends who encouraged me during those struggles and those who told me I couldn't do it on my own. God has provided a support system that I didn't even realize I needed. One of the things that I have learned since attending the meetings is that I need to ask for help. Asking for help was one of the first things I saw on a board when I began attending meetings. What a novel idea! When you're stuck...ask for help! And I've learned to do that and it's working people!

Okay, enough of that....a few off-topic things:

  1. Tonight is the first Packer pre-season game...looking forward to my sister's famous Build-Your-Own Nachos (good thing my week is just starting and I have all of my Weekly Points)
  2. Tomorrow we are headed to Wisconsin Dells to spend the day with my sister and her family and my cousin and her family...lots of walking and swimming...should be fun!
  3. A slice of lime in my water is equally as more refreshing than a slice of lemon.
  4. Roasted red pepper and Asiago chicken sausage from Sam's = YUMMY and here's the bonus 1 link = 3 PointsPlus values can you believe it? When the grill is fired up for brats and such, I'll be having these. Don't like Asiago cheese? No worries they have other flavors.
Only 10 lbs to go to hit my goal of losing 40 lbs by the time I turn 40 this fall...

Until later,


Katie said...

COngratulations Vanessa! That is quite an accomplishment. I have to agree with you on the sausages from Sam's..those are delish! Also like the italian chicken sausages from Sam's as well! Enjoy your nachos tonight and time in the Dells! time to celebrate!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Katie! Yep looking forward to the Dells today and the nachos were fabulous! Hope we can get together soon!