Friday, August 5, 2011

Night before weigh-in!

Well, it's the night before weigh-in. Had a Phineas & Ferb movie night with our best friends and shared an incredible meal. Since she is a WW member also, we began planning our meal yesterday. The conversation went something like this...

Her: So what do you think about coming over a little early for dinner? But I have no idea what to make, any ideas?
Me: Absolutely! We'd love to! Not really, I have no idea what I'm hungry for.

Here's what she came up with....doesn't this look fabulous? It was AMAZING!!!

1 lb extra lean ground beef
1 cup brown rice
6 multi-colored peppers
chopped onions, mushrooms and celery
2 Tbsp V-8 juice poured over each one
a little Italian seasoning, salt and pepper

1 pepper = 4 WW PointsPlus values

Bake at 350 for 30 min covered, then an additional 20 min uncovered (don't forget to add a little juice and/or water to the bottom of your pan)

In addition to these lovely peppers, she also made an appetizer...which was equally as delicious and paired well with a glass of sweet red wine!

These yummy zucchinis are stuffed with mushrooms and onions sauteed in Italian seasoning, diced tomatoes and topped with 2 Tbsp of feta cheese.

1 zucchini = 1 WW PointsPlus value

Don't like feta? Use Parmesan or your cheese of choice.
Can you imagine...including my glass of wine I only had 9 WW PointsPlus values for dinner? And here's what the kids had for dinner tonight....

I think we got the better end of the deal!

So what do you make when you get together with friends for a movie night?

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