Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cheesy Veggie Soup and a fun Sunday in Appleton

Today we went to Appleton with my sister and niece to shop at World Market, the mall and several other places. Afterwards we came back and cooked up this yummy meal together.

Cheesy Veggie Soup

32 oz fat free Chicken Broth
16 oz Velveeta cheese (2 %)
1 bag Normandy Veggies frozen
1 can Rotel

Bring chicken broth to a boil, add frozen veggies and cook as directed on the package. Cut Velveeta cheese into chunks and add to pot once veggies are mostly cooked. Add Rotel and simmer covered for 30 minuntes.

Serving Size = 1 cup WW PointsPlus values = 3

My sister made these delicious appetizer cream cheese stuffed mini peppers (she actually used the Jalapeno Popper recipe from the WW website). Perhaps she'll leave the recipe as a comment to this blog (hint, hint Kris!)

She also made her famous yummy tomato salad. Halved cherry tomatoes, halved orange super-sweet tomatoes, and red onion. A little sea salt,  a little black pepper, stir it all together and voila! A tasty 0 WW PointsPlus values side dish!

It was such a nice treat to spend time together in the kitchen cooking, laughing and talking as opposed to going out to eat! Not only did our wallets find relief, our waistlines did too! Eating in also allowed us to savor crusty European garlic bread along with our soup.

This green salad was made by our girls! It was a delight to have them in the kitchen with us and they really enjoyed chopping and slicing all the veggies...hmmm have to remember that in the future...I can always use help in kitchen!

Looking ahead...we had our dear friends in for dinner after church on Saturday night. On the menu was Slow Cooker Enchiladas, fresh guacamole and chips and salsa. It was fabulous! I promise to post the recipe soon. Until then my friends be sure to relish those moments with friends and/or family where you enjoy a meal together and each other's company!


kris.fuhrmann4 said...

So, yes! It was a fabulous day -- trip to Appleton, cooking together, et el.

The recipe for the Poppers are as follows:

4 Spray(s) olive oil cooking spray divided
1/2 cup(s) low-fat shredded cheddar cheese
1/4 cup(s) low fat cream cheese
1 Tsbp fat-free mayonnaise
8 small jalapeno pepper(s)
1/4 cup(s) fat-free egg substitute
7 Tbsp cornflake crumbs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat a large baking sheet with cooking spray.

In a medium bowl, combine cheddar cheese, cream cheese and mayonnaise; mix well and set aside. Halve peppers lengthwise and remove seeds; fill peppers with cheese mixture. (oil and seeds from the peppers can be irritating - keep your fingers away from your eyes.)

Place egg substitute in a shallow dish. Place cornflake crumbs in a separate shallow dish. Dip stuffed peppers into egg substitute and then roll in cornflake crumbs to coat.

Transfer peppers to prepared baking sheet and coat with cooking spray. Bake until filling is bubbly and outside begins to brown, about 30 minutes. Serve hot. Yields 2 poppers per serving.

I used mini tri-colored sweet peppers that I picked up at Sam's and instead of the cornflake crumbs, I used paneko bread crumbs.

Vanessa said...

Thanks Kris! Those were so good! I would've liked one more, but I was so full from everything else!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

That looks yummy.